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What forms do new employees need to fill out? When should new employees fill forms out?

These are a couple of questions that we are trying to help you with the answers. 

Before hiring your first employee, you need to register for things like an Employer Identification Number (EIN), state tax accounts, and workers’ compensation insurance. After your registration responsibilities are complete, you can begin hiring employees. But, there are required forms for new employees.

Before an employee can work for you, you need to collect some information from them. Here are forms required for new employees to fill out during the onboarding process:

  • Form W-4

  • Form I-9

Here is a list of potential forms new hires might be required to fill out:

  • State tax withholding forms (Oregon State is using the same form as Federal, W-4)

  • Emergency contact form

  • Employee handbook

  • Employee Contract 

  • Direct Deposit Agreement Form

  • Job Application

Some of the forms are required by the government, others are necessary documents or payroll forms you need for your business. 

Before employees begin work at your business, the forms required for new employees need to be filled out. Have the employee come in and fill out forms at your business on their first day. Or, have them fill the forms out before their first day. Make sure the employee knows ahead of time what documents they need to bring in order to complete Form I-9.

Once the forms needed for new employees are complete, keep them in your records. Keep all employee forms in one place.

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